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Quality information can cost a lot and it's hard to tell the difference between “blah blah” and applicable resources, which really work. Stop wasting time and money to find it. Here you can find the entire Romanian grammar that you need to become an independent Romanian language speaker; explained for everyone’s understanding. After you go over the modules, you will be able to build your own vocabulary, according to your needs and to improve your Romanian language skills without depending on a teacher.

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A classic private lesson costs at least 20 euro and, in time, these will add to a small fortune. As time goes by, we tend to forget what we have learned or we might need to refresh our knowledge. And this means buying other private lessons. The learn-romanian platform helps you save time and money. If there is something you have forgotten, the courses are available for two entire years from the moment of purchase. In this entire period, you can watch all the lessons whenever you want and how many times you want to, without any additional costs.

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Texts with audio files and exercises

7 texts for A1

7 texts for A2

7 texts for B1

Audio file for each text

Exercises for each text

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Module 1 (A1-A2)


Module 2 (A2-B1)


Texts with audio files and exercises

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Module 1 (A1-A2) - 1 month access

The Alphabet and the Groups of Letters

The Cardinal Numeral

The Present Tense

The Noun - Gender and Plural

The Adjective

The Prepositions

The Definite Article

The Subjunctive Mood

The Past Simple Tense

The Adverbs of Time and Frequency

Exercises for each lesson  

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Module 2 (A2-B1) - 1 month access

The Genitive Case

The Comparison Grades of the Adjective

The Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns

The Ordinal Numeral

The Future Tense

The Conditional Mood and the Conditional Phrases

The Imperfect

The Personal Pronoun in the Accusative Case

The Reflexive Pronoun

The Personal Pronoun in the Dative Case

The Imperative

Exercises for each lesson

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